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Female swimmer body

7 signs show you have swimmer body

Surely you know the phrase “swimmer body”? Why is that phrase, what is it attractive that everyone desires? Firm arms, flat stomach, no fat, all the muscles on the body are solid, especially the enormous height … Is there any other factor that can be called “Swimmer body”? Let’s go find out.

1. The height

Most swimmers have ideal height measurements, which are superior to other sports. The average height of the world champion athletes distance 100m freely at 1m93cm, the lowest is 1m84. As you can see, somehow the height of the swimmers startle you. And this is a very important point in the competition when you only need to be 1-3cm higher than your opponent, the result will be very different.

Many of the top women in the world also possess great height, as world record-holder Sarah Sjostrom and Katie Ledeckey are both six feet tall (1.83m), while 100 free gold medalists Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak stand at 5-foot-eleven-inches and six-foot-one-inch tall respectively. In fact, the average height of the 2016 Olympic finalists in Rio was 6 feet and two inches tall (1.884 m) for men and five feet nine inches (1.755 m) for women, both of which are substantially higher than the average human. 

Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky

In particular, have you ever noticed that a swimmer’s stride length is longer than the average person’s?
That’s right, their arm span lengths are typically all 10cm longer than their body height.

2. Flexibility

Before starting the competition, you will always see Michael Phelps flexing and then throwing his hands across his chest for his hands to hit the back, then tossing his arms back to touch. Phelps also has very good elasticity in the ankles, along with “hyper-extending”, those who have this feature will catch more water than the average person.
The movement must be done from the head, long amplitude requires us to have very flexible ribs, shoulders, and back to have lean.

3. Strength

The female swimmers are indeed very strong. They can completely lift weights no less than male athletes. During the swimming process of swimming styles such as butterfly swimming, or freestyle swimming, the upper body is maximized in strength, so often athletes can fully lift the weight of objects with the same weight as they can.

4. Wide and large Lats (V back)

The water pulling movements start all over the head, so you will need to have strong lats. Your lats extend throughout your back, from your spine to your shoulders.
The water pulling that is repeated billions of times while swimming will make your lats bigger. Not to mention that underneath this muscle is the location of the two lungs. You also know that swimming increases lung volume, right? Because professional swimmers can hold a very deep breath before having to rise to breathe oxygen, their lungs are also larger than normal.

5. Broad shoulders

The broad shoulder is due to the fact that you perform a swimming technique such as a side fan. The fact that you train in the water so much plus the invisible water resistance make your shoulders bigger. For female athletes, this can make it more difficult for them to buy clothes compared to the average person.

6. Body looks like a torpedo

Completely different from land sports, water is 800 times denser than air at sea level. To combat this, the elongated posture brings the least amount of resistance compared to a body with large, well-developed muscles like a bodybuilder. As a result, you will find that most athletes have a tapered skeleton with a relatively narrow pelvis and not too large buttocks. Then just do a streamline and you look like a torpedo ready to surf.

7. Biceps and triceps

For all swimmers, they use triceps to finish a fan cycle, which means during their career they do 3.2 million tricep extensions.
With that much activity, the triceps can’t help but get big.

Sarah Sjostrom
Sarah Sjostrom

All of the above factors are identifying characteristics of a swimmer? Say no exaggeration, swimming is the method that helps you overcome the weaknesses of your body. Do you want a beautiful, perfect body? Let’s swim, they will help you a lot.


What does female swimmer look like?

Breaststroke swimming

What should keep in mind while performing breaststroke?

Among the 04 swimming techniques, breaststroke is used the most. Maybe because breaststroke is quite easy for beginners to swim, but mainly because of the benefits that breaststroke brings to swimmers. To give you a better look at this swim style, we will help you through the following article.

1. Do you know what breaststroke is?

Perhaps when we hear the name, we can easily imagine this swimming style. So what is breaststroke?

Breaststroke along with freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke is one of the four basic swimming styles of swimming. This is a slow swimming style and is loved by many people because they are quite easy to perform and can rest comfortably while swimming. And as the name suggests, when performing this style of swimming, we will simulate the style and posture of the frog when moving underwater.

How to do breaststroke
How to do breaststroke

2. What is the benefit of breaststroke?

Probably knowing what frog swimming is, people will be interested in the benefits of this swim. So what is the benefit of breaststroke for all of us?

  • Good for joints and movement: breaststroke and other swimming styles all require movement of the whole body, especially the skeletal system. Therefore, when swimming regularly, the skeletal system is activated and becomes more flexible and certain. In addition, the breaststroke movement also stretches the bones and is very good for height development. If children learn to swim from a young age, they will have optimal height gain as they grow up, so it is seen as an effective method of height gain. This is probably the first effect that everyone knows when asked what are the benefits of breaststroke.
  • Enhance the health of the cardiovascular system, circulation: The whole body movement will help the blood vessels to circulate better, improve the heart rate and the health of the whole cardiovascular system in general.
  • Weight loss: This benefit of swimming cannot be overlooked. For those who want to lose weight and remove excess fat, breaststroke is a sport to consider and perform.
  • Improve and tone the body: Swimming is a full-body exercise, so it will help tone all the muscles in the body and help us have a more balanced, toned body.
  • Good for pregnant women: What are the benefits of breaststroke for pregnant women? The characteristic of breaststroke is that it does not take much strength, it does not have to turn around, so this is the best swimming style for pregnant women. This swimming style not only helps pregnant women improve their health but also helps the delivery process be easier.

3. What you should keep in mind while performing breaststroke?

Breaststroke is a basic and simple swimming style, but we often make some basic mistakes when performing. Therefore, when practicing this sport, we need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Warm-up before swimming: Here’s a basic breaststroke note that we all need to remember. Breaststroke is a sport and if we do not warm up well before doing it can cause the body to not adapt in time. That will negatively affect the body as well as cause us to experience unnecessary injuries.
  • Pay attention to swimming techniques: Foot pedal technique, hand fan technique when performing breaststroke is very important. If done correctly, they will save you energy as well as avoid leg fatigue, shoulder pain, neck …. If you are new to breaststroke, ask your trainer these things and try to get it right.
  • Breathe properly: Another note when performing breaststroke is also very much reminded is the breathing in breaststroke. You need to be aware of this because if you do not breathe properly, it will be very tiring and not bring good health effects. The most basic and correct breathing is through your nose as you dive, and breathing through your mouth when your head is raised.
  • Do not lift your head when breaststroke: Actually when doing the breaststroke, the head will be lifted naturally by the shoulder. However, many new swimmers will actively lift their heads, not shoulders. Doing this for a long time will cause neck and back pain, and for a long time, it will be harmful to your health.

Through the knowledge we synthesized above, hopefully, you have grasped the basics of breaststroke as well as some caution when performing it. This is a very healthy sport and you can do it every day to stay healthy and prolong your life.


What is the caution when performing breaststroke?


The constellation Lion displays a strong spirit and incoherence

The story behind the high-end jewelry collection

Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton Monogram
Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Collection is crafted under 5 unique themes, all based on cosmic power symbols and Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram image. The collection is divided into 5 different product lines with the names: Athletics, Sun, Star, Harmony and Lace. Each set of jewelry represents a separate universe, a story, a unique style for different women. Three Monogram flowers are covered with three shades of gold, various diamond inlays or iridescent nacre. The most sophisticated fabrication techniques are shown through the skillful transformation from basic jewelry to sophisticatedly designed high-end jewelry.

Designs in the Sun line are inspired by the rays of the sun, and only round flowers are detailed. The flower is adorned with a circle to emphasize the radiant effect
Designs in the Sun line are inspired by the rays of the sun, and only round flowers are detailed. The flower is adorned with a circle to emphasize the radiant effect
Designed with petals in Dien Vien jewelry line as creating a melodious music
Designed with petals in Dien Vien jewelry line as creating a melodious music

Chanel Sous Le Signe Du Lion – The star of destiny

The Lion image contains many meanings in Mademoiselle Chanel’s life. The lion is a constellation of destiny and a symbol of the city of Venice where Mademoiselle Chanel and her confidant friends Misia and José Maria Sert come after the sudden death of longtime lover Boy Capel. The constellation Lion greatly influenced Mademoiselle Chanel’s personality. It is a strong spirit, leading and not surrendering to any challenges or difficulties. The deep imprint of the Lion image is the inspiration for the high-end jewelry line called Sous le Signe du Lion which was first launched in 2012.

The constellation Lion displays a strong spirit and incoherence
The constellation Lion displays a strong spirit and incoherence

In addition to the legendary Sous le Signe du Lion jewelry models, the 2015 version has two new lines of jewelry, including the monolithic Lion Arty from gold and the intricately carved Lion Pepite with soft curves on gold material. white.

Freestyle swimming

Swimming make us feel tired, do you know why?

Surely this is a question many people are wondering, right? And usually, professional swimmers feel that way. Amateurs swimmers or beginners do not often feel exhausted like that. What is the reason?

Because swimming required the coordination of all muscle group

Swimming uses all of the major muscle groups and therefore is a demanding exercise that can tire the body. The breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle engage the abdominals, biceps and triceps, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Other primary muscles used in swimming include the anterior and posterior deltoids, pectorals and trapezius. 

When you swim, every stroke engages your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back, and chest. Your arms are responsible for reaching forward during the upstroke phase of each stroke, and for pulling you forward by pushing through the water on the downstroke phase of each stroke.

This pushing-and-pulling motion engages the arms and chest while the rotation of the arms either forward, as in the breaststroke, or backward, as in the backstroke, engages the shoulders and upper back for a toned upper body. After you finish your swim, you can further tone your underarm area with water-based arm exercises. Side and front arm raise, with your arms submerged in the water, can help you tone your triceps.

The constant use of limbs and muscles to bring people forward, plus the resistance of the water, so after you finish a workout, you’ll often get tired. The reason is that you use a lot of energy during swimming.

Because you swim the wrong technique

When you do the swimming techniques in the wrong way, you will be more effortless than usual and get tired quickly. Some techniques are often mistakenly performed among amateur swimmers or beginners.

Struggle to find relaxation while swimming

This is the most important factor for you to complete for your swimming technique.
Because the body is always in a state of muscle and joint tension that makes the movement always heavy, the body is out of balance, you always have to find a way to keep the body in place, the more you try, the more wrong you are.

While swimming, you need to relax the whole body in its most natural state, knowing when to apply force and not.

Performing the wrong force

Instead of gently pulling your legs, kicking hard, and closing quickly, you’re doing the opposite. That is why the force you emit is very strong but ineffective. That way, you take a lot of effort and have to do it many times and still can’t move far.
Attention should be paid to accurately perform the pedal movement to achieve optimal force and buoyancy for the body because the speed of swimming depends mainly on the movement of the foot pedal.

The basic things to notice about the pedal movement are:
– Shrink legs, bend legs slowly, kick hard and close legs fast
– When retracted, pull the leg back so that the leg is close to the buttock; The right knee extends to the sides. Do not bend knees on the abdomen, hips flexed too much
– The force coming from the thighs kicks the heel to the sides. When you step on, you need to hold your ankle firmly so that you can accurately step on the heel.

Use the excessive force on the shoulder when fanning

In hand fan technique, instead of using the force of the hand fan out, you use the force from the shoulder to pull out, but the force of the water from the hand doesn’t have any force at all. So you waste your energy on this move.
In hand movements, you should use the force from the hands to fan the water to the sides, fan slowly, certainly not too fast to be able to support the easiest rise and breath.

Because you can’t breathe right

When you do not take enough air, your body is deprived of oxygen. Therefore, the performance of a movement sometimes takes hold to be able to complete a cycle of movements. That makes your muscles and joints lack oxygen to function, leading to muscle fatigue; you will be exhausted very quickly and very tired.

Whether you can swim far, swim a lot or not is based on regular breathing. With air, you can maintain muscle strength and endurance.

Because of the water temperature

Water temperature affects how you feel after swimming. Cold water can cause muscle strain due to a decrease in blood flow, and also the body must work harder to stay warm. Warm pools tend to increase the body temperature, which may lead to fatigue. Ideal water temperatures for swimming are about 25 to 27 Celsius degree. 

If you’ve finished your swimming session and feel exhausted and really tired, you can check 01 of those above reasons to see if you are doing anything wrong. And you can add some nutritious meal or some other activities. We give you some suggestion below:

  • To avoid this exhausting feeling, you can try and eat something before the swimming sessions and refill with more protein rather than carbs after because carbs increase the food coma effect.
  • You can try leaving the first cup of coffee until after the swimming session since the workout will probably stimulate the body enough anyway. Then, you can drink your well-earned coffee but pay attention to consume it in portions rather than taking a huge amount once. 
  • You can do an easy 15-20 minute jog or cycle after swimming to stimulate blood circulation and heat up the body.

So, whatever the reason is, body fatigue after practicing is inevitable. You can only be more careful with technique so you don’t burn out or the worst-case scenario is the possibility of fainting while swimming, which can lead to drowning. And remember to take healthy nutritional supplements for energy after you finishing your swimming session.


Can You Get Tired After Swimming? Things You Haven’t Discover Yet!

Delicate white gold

Excellent way to preserve silver jewelry

Many people have the same question when holding a small, shiny and shiny silver jewelry. How to preserve the original beauty of jewelry for a long time?

1. Remove as needed

Although you love your wedding ring and want to see it on your finger all the time, you need to know how to remove it when needed. The same goes for silver rings, silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver bracelets, and other silver jewelry. This rule sounds simple, but it is often forgotten the most.

When you are playing sports, doing housework, or doing something heavy that can hit your jewelry during activities, you should remove them and keep them in a safe place. Or when swimming, you should not wear silver jewelry because the chlorine in pool water or salt in the sea water will damage them. Even when taking a shower, washing clothes with the chemicals you use will make your jewelry dull. So it’s best to take them off. Jewelry is like a child, and needs to be protected and protected by us.

2. Keep jewelry away from chemicals

Except for diamonds or gemstones, all jewelry made from gold, silver, platine, white silver or pearl should not be exposed to any chemicals. Chemicals that can destroy your jewelry are always nice.

3. Clean regularly

A piece of jewelry won’t be as shiny and sparkling as when it first bought it if you didn’t clean it up often. During the wearing process, dirt from the environment, stains get caught in jewelry when eating, makeup … or dead cells from us will cling to and make them become dull. Therefore, you should perform jewelry hygiene regularly, about 2, 3 times a week.

For silver jewelry, this is a type of jewelry that is often tarnished because silver has sweat absorbing properties. To remove the dull layer on the surface, use the soda solution, soak the jewelry in the solution for about 1 minute, then rinse with water and blot dry.

A simpler way to clean silver is to apply toothpaste and then brush off with a soft brush in the water until shiny like new. In addition, you can use diluted dish soap soak silver jewelry for about 15 minutes then rinse with water and pat dry gently with a soft cotton cloth. Absolutely not washing silver jewelry with acid will damage them.

4. Store it carefully

When not wearing certain jewelry, you should store them carefully. It is best to put in their original box with a soft sponge, to avoid being crushed leading to distortion, fracture or break. And of course, before you put it away, you need to clean it up.

Delicate white gold


Silver and white gold, it looks like a “brother”, but it really is a godsend difference.

Many people think that wearing silver or white gold does not make a difference because of the same color. However, color is only one factor, consider these three additional things: stored value, subtlety, and aesthetic durability.


1. Show sophistication

White gold jewelry

White gold jewelry often symbolizes wealth, luxury and power. In a diplomatic party, a meeting with important partners, or simply meeting, meeting old friends, colleagues, … gold jewelry items will help confirm the position and class. to become more confident, make it easier to work, and impress with better results.
Gold jewelry products are always of high value, compact, light, easy to buy, sell and store.


Silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is favored by the students, students or children age mainly because it is a safe choice of value and shows a simplicity, unobtrusive.
Simple design, without sharp sophistication.

2. Stock value

When it comes to gold, anyone can imagine the value of the item, users can buy and use without worrying about losing too much value over time, may wear out due to polishing but not worth it. especially, gold jewelry is easy to buy and sell in the market. In particular, boutilizzia Jewelry has a very favorable policy of exchanging products to support customers.


Do not think that buying gold will be expensive, the weight of gold will determine the value of the product, even though the product is specially designed, but with a slim line, the product value is not too high, the price from only a few hundred thousand is possible. owns a beautiful, delicate gold jewelry.

3. Aesthetic durability


Gold has the properties of not discoloring, not rust, and does not change its properties over time. White gold is a durable metal compound with a very long lifespan with professional nano-coating technology, when mixed with crystal assemblies, the product creates hardness, shine, and color fastness.
Silver is a very easy metal to oxidize, when in long-term exposure to sweat, it will create an oxide film covering the outside, leading to a dull, unsightly black condition for a long time.

Jewelry design:

Every detail of gold jewelry with extremely sharp sophistication is molded with professional casting technology, carefully honed. The jeweler attaches each sparkling stone, the product is completed through many fabrication cycles. Gold jewelry has a high aesthetic value, is more delicate and luxurious than silver jewelry.

Delicate white gold
Delicate white gold

The white gold trend is very popular with people today, because white gold is easy to combine. The bright white color of white gold has a very light yellow sheen of original gold, giving jewelry a distinct soul and beauty.

Swim to lose weight

If You Want To Slimmer Your Legs, Take A Few Laps!

Swimming is considered a very good exercise sport for the health of women, especially helping your muscles to be more toned, helping your body become thinner, burning excess body fat. Swimming is the type of movement from head to toe, in addition to having the best natural massage performance, can promote blood circulation of the whole body blood circulation system, increase replacement, increase fat loss, promote the development of muscles of limbs, abdomen, thighs, back … strengthen internal organs function, enhance the body’s resistance.

When you are swimming, the water provides the resistance your muscles have to fight against as they kick and stroke to propel your body across the pool. In fact, water is more resistant than air and land, so your muscles have to work harder to move you through water than they do to move you through the air or across the land. Doing each stroke properly not only lengthens and stretches the muscles used, but the repeated movement to stay moving through the water helps you develop muscle endurance as well. The result is more toned muscles throughout your body.

If you want to fix some parts of your body, swimming!

Targeted weight loss is impossible, alas, and hormones, genetics and stress all play a role in how fat accumulates in certain areas, but what you can do is add lean muscle mass in problem areas, ensuring that when you do lose those last stubborn pounds your body will be healthy and toned. And swimming is actually one of the best sports both for overall health (because it provides simultaneous cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits) and for toning (because it’s a full-body workout that addresses your arms, legs, and core, regardless of which stroke you use). Certain strokes do emphasize different muscle groups, so if you want to focus on specific problem areas you can add targeted workouts:


All swim strokes engage your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you want to do extra arm work, add some pull drills using a pull buoy and paddles.


Swimming gives your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and ankles a workout. Breaststroke, in particular, tones the inner thigh. For additional leg (and ab) toning, try incorporating a kickboard into your workout.


All strokes tone your upper back and chest, and the core work will also help trim your waistline. The twisting motion of the freestyle and backstroke tones the abdominals and lower back, while the breaststroke and butterfly tone the chest and back.

Which stroke helps tone the legs the most?

Within 04 strokes, breaststroke is the one that helps tone your legs the most. Breaststroke is one of the traditional swimming styles, simulated by the swimming movements of the frog while underwater. Breaststroke is a pretty easy swim, for beginners to practice. Swimming frog not only helps swimmers have skills to protect themselves safely in the water but also helps support weight loss, especially tapering the legs, thighs, calves, toning muscles, preventing sagging.

Benefits of breaststroke to health

Movements in breaststroke technique mainly on the back foot and arm forward. Therefore, it will have an unexpected effect on the spine and developing skeletal system to improve the height as desired.

Every day swimmers should swim the breaststroke for a period of 30-60 minutes, and at least 3 times per week to help the body reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, or heart …

Breaststroke is a type of swimming that regularly operates a combination of spending in all parts of the body, greatly reducing the risk of injury, especially for limbs, joints and muscles, thanks to the support of water.

In addition, not only has certain effects on the body, helping you have a healthy body, people with rough legs can seek the help of this type of swimming.
Breaststroke not only does not make the legs big but also helps your legs slimmer due to the thrust and frequency of underwater walking.

In conclusion, swimming is not only beneficial in achieving a healthy body. It also helps us to repair the parts of the body we don’t like. What are you waiting for without jumping into the water to do a few laps?

Source: Will Swimming Make Legs Slimmer? Click To Find Out!

Chain fern mix pearls

Beautiful Women’s Necklaces Not To Be Missing For Women

Necklaces are considered one of the indispensable accessories for women. Not only helps women to show off the beauty of the girl, but also with silver necklaces that also help protect the wearer’s health. Especially due to the increasing demand, jewelers have created a lot of chain models that match the fashion trends and also bring many meanings in life. Let’s learn the indispensable beautiful female necklaces for women.blank

Some uses when wearing beautiful women’s necklaces

Silver is considered to be able to recognize all kinds of toxins so long ago people used to use silver to recognize toxins. In addition to using silver as jewelry, silver is also used to make dishes and chopsticks for kings and nobles. Nowadays, silver is also widely used in the manufacture of medical instruments. In addition, when wearing silver jewelry, it can also avoid toxic wind, antibacterial and recognizing common colds when silver is black.

Some uses when wearing beautiful women's necklaces
Some uses when wearing beautiful women’s necklaces

In addition to the health protection uses, silver chains also help women to enhance their charm, personality, and fashion style. At the same time nowadays, in order to keep up with new fashion trends, there are many beautiful necklaces with many different styles. Not only that with the affordable price, the girls can freely choose for themselves beautiful necklaces in many different styles but still suitable for their own pocket.

Chrysanthemum necklace

Chrysanthemum necklace
Chrysanthemum necklace

One of the hottest items right now is the chrysanthemum necklace, which is inspired by the image of the chrysanthemum flowers representing a pure love of a girl. Pendant with interlocking petals around golden stamens. Although small but has a very strong vitality, so chrysanthemum is loved by many people. The chain is designed with a short, adjustable design, and the female can be either a necklace or a choker style that will have a unique style.

Chain fern mix pearls

Chain fern mix pearls
Chain fern mix pearls

One of the beautiful female necklaces must include fern necklaces with pearls. The chain is a picture of a fern leaf symbolizing a lasting, solid love and the fern also symbolizes prosperity. With a unique design that is similar to a chrysanthemum necklace, you can change the style of wearing both the necklace style and the choker style. The string is attached with pearls to honor the elegance, no less feminine of the girl.

Air Jordan 1 shoes launched in early 2021

From the original basketball shoes that the basketball god set foot in, the Air Jordan 1 not only shows the classic silhouette that has not changed over time, but also shows that the launch of AJ1 is still the focus of shoe fans. . When the time comes to 2021, Jordan Brand still has no intention of stopping the “pickpocketing” of consumers. This time, let Ruby Store guide you through the main styles of Air Jordan 1 this year in the article below!

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low “UNC”


No matter which shoe Travis Scott wears, it can certainly increase the “real value” of the sneakers, not to mention the co-branded shoes he personally wears! This time he brought them personally, using Air Jordan 1 Low “UNC” to coordinate no contact. The low boot body is written in different blue tones, of course, the signature “Barb Nike Swoosh” is indispensable, along with the Wings logo embroidered on the heel, demonstrating the latest collaboration between the two sides.


Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1


“Trophy Room” is a famous shoe store opened by Marcus Jordan, son of the basketball god Michael Jordan. This time he chose to join the collab with Air Jordan 1. Inspired by the famous ‘Freeze Out’ event of the 1986 NBA All-Star match, Chicago’s signature color scheme was designed to be frost-covered and “Rumor Has it. … ”Is injected into the inner ankle. Words restore inspiration of the event. The side of the shoe is printed with Michael Jordan’s signature, and at the foot there is a star game star texture that adds a dazzling feeling to this shoe.


Basic rules for junior swimming

What are the basic rules for junior swimming?

In hot weather, people will surely rush to swim. There is nothing better than being immersed in cool water. However, drowning can happen to anyone, whether you know how to swim or being an excellent swimmer, including adults and even children. So, you must understand the rules of swimming in order to avoid all possible bad situations.

First, you must know 5 Basic Rules of swimming:

1. Water Comfort:

  • Being comfortable in the water
  • Spending time in a shallow pool or wadding in the ocean

2. Breath control:

  • Water entering the nose and mouth when you’re a novice swimmer
  • Exercise such as drawing a breath, submerging, blowing bubbles and then resurface for another breath
  • Specific breathing techniques for different stroke

3. Floating:

  • Keeping your body horizontal position in the water 
  • Not a difficult skill, since human are naturally buoyant
  • Require a few techniques

4. Kicking:

  • Provides propulsion through the water
  • Also used in treading water, which is the process of remaining in one place while keeping your head above the water line
  • Kickboard, flat flotation devices made of foam or plastic that support the swimmer’s body
  • Allow you to focus solely on your kicking technique without worrying about staying afloat

5. Stroke:

  • The arm movements used to pull the body through the water
  • Front Crawl (Freestyle), Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly: each stroke use different body positioning, breathing techniques and arm movements
  • Best learned when training with a qualified coach

Different techniques of 04 stroke

Butterfly stroke

The swimmer must remain on the breast at all times with synchronized arm and leg movements. Arms must recover clear of the water and enter the water together In front of the swimmer. Legs must remain together throughout the stroke and only vertical motion is permitted. Any separation of the legs or horizontal movement is considered illegal and thus subjects the swimmer to disqualification.

At the start of a race, swimmers dive in and are permitted as many fly legs kick as they want, subject to the head breaking the surface of the pool before the 15m point. At the turns and at the end of the race, swimmers must touch the pool wall or timing pad with both hands simultaneously.


Here arms and legs follow a circular motion and must remain synchronous at all times. Swimmers must remain on the breast at all times and must stay flat in the water. If the body twists slightly, this will throw the legs off of a horizontal plane, resulting in what is termed a screw kick, resulting in a disqualification. At turns and the finish, a touch must be made with both hands, at the same time.


Swimmers must remain on their back at all times, except for when performing a turn. Here the swimmer may turn to their breast and initiate a turn immediately, leaving the wall on their back. Any time spent on the breast heading towards the wall is not allowed and if spotted by the turn judge will result in disqualification.

As with butterfly stroke, swimmers must break the surface of the water before the 15m mark. At the finish, it is normal for the swimmers to duck under the water to gain an advantage. This is acceptable, providing a part of the body is above the water at the time of touching the wall.


This stroke is generally considered the fastest stroke, although for some stronger swimmers, butterfly stroke may be quicker. Freestyle is pretty much anything goes and there is nothing to prevent swimmers from performing backstroke or butterfly during a freestyle race, as long as the whole race uses the same stroke. Swimmers must touch the wall at the turns and the finish, with the most common rule infringements being not touching the wall, or coming up in the wrong lane from the turn.

One additional event for the swimmer is the individual medley event. Here four strokes have swum in order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Each stroke will be swum for 25% of the race with the freestyle stroke being anything that hasn’t already been swum. At the end of each stroke, it is important to perform the finish for that stroke, so for instance at the end of the butterfly stroke, a two-handed touch must be made before starting the backstroke. A common error is to perform a tumble turn between strokes, thus not satisfying the finish for the stroke, resulting in a disqualification.

Each stroke requires different techniques, the best for your safety is to master at least 1 of 04 strokes to avoid a bad situation that could happen. If there is something bad happen, you can use that stroke you swim best to stay survive.

Hope you will have a joyful summertime and be safe!


What are the basic rules for swimming?


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How to treat bad smell in genuine leather handbags

The handbag is the indomitable object of every girl. Especially for girls who use handbags made of real leather material, they are always interested in how to make their bags always fragrant. This article, will help you with more interesting tips to overcome the odor in real leather bags right away.

Deodorize genuine leather handbags with baking soda

Baking soda is one of the ingredients that is extremely effective at absorbing odors. To eliminate odors inside leather handbags. You put baking soda in small bags and put them in each compartment of the bag for about 3-4 hours. The aroma of baking soda will help completely get rid of the bad smell inside the bag.

Deodorize genuine leather handbags with vinegar

Vinegar has a multitude of effects in life. If your bag has an unpleasant odor. You can use vinegar to get rid of these odors. Soak a cotton ball in a bowl of vinegar, then wipe it clean with the cotton ball from the inside out of the bag. Keep the bag in a cool dry place to remove the smell of the vinegar.


Deodorize bags with activated carbon

Similar to baking soda, activated carbon is also extremely effective at deodorizing. You can put activated carbon in small bags and then put in the bags of the bag to eliminate odors inside the bag.

Deodorize aromatherapy bags

The aroma of aromatic essential oils extracted from the flowers can help remove the odor inside the handbag. Putting a bag of lavender or rose essential oil in each compartment of the bag will easily remove unpleasant odors inside the bag. Besides, the aroma of essential oils also helps your handbag smell more pleasant.

Keep the bag in the refrigerator freezer

The last simple way to remove bad odors from your handbag is to place the bag inside the refrigerator. The silver ions inside the refrigerator will help eliminate odors inside the bag. Pay attention to wrap the bag with a plastic bag before putting it inside the refrigerator so as not to damage the bag.


Deodorize bags with chalk

With a pleasant scent, baby chalks also help to remove odors inside the bag quickly. If your bag smells bad, put a small bag of baby powder inside it and leave it on for 4-5 hours.

Above are the very effective scent treatments, if you want to own real leather handbags, you must hate Boutilizzia!


Top men’s and women’s gym shoes

Gym fashion is increasingly crowned in parallel with the expanding gym movement. Along with clothes, gloves, water bottles, gym shoes are always the top choice factors when coming to the gym. Sleek, smooth, and affordable, the following top 7 gym shoes for men and women under 1 million in HCMC will help you choose a shoe for yourself.

Nike Epic React Flyknit

“King of gym shoes” Nike is always the first choice when it comes to gym shoes. The company currently has a variety of sneaker lines for training needs from casual to heavy-duty professionals, but unique in both design and material is still the Nike Epic React Flyknit pair.


Rated as “the ace of team weight” – the counterweight of Adidas’ popular Ultra Boosts, this shoe owns the latest Nike soles, with high stability, very good foot support. especially in a long jog or lifting weights in the gym. Flyknit woven fabric is breathable, easy on the feet, but still stiff enough to hold form.


Currently this is the best choice for both men and women gyms, as sneakers come in so many color combinations, you’ll definitely find a good, affordable pair at the Boutilizzia Store.

Sneaker models that make up the brand


About Nike brand shoes.

Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports and was a distributor for a Japanese shoe company Onitsuka Tiger (today Asics).

Over the past 5 decades, Nike is currently a giant in the field of sports, not only in shoes but also creating a great reputation for other fashion items such as sports pants, shirts, caps. , jacket, … However the most famous Nike that people talk about is still Nike shoes.

In 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed its name to Nike. The Nike name is derived from the Greek goddess of victory, an idea invented by Nike employee Jeff Johnson.

Referring to Nike is to mention the legend of the sports industry with hundreds of exclusive contracts with the best names such as: the king of basketball Michael Jordan created the famous Nike Air Jordan line, visual artist Tom Sachs , NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, talented rapper Drake, …

Top 7 genuine Nike shoes that make a legend

Nike Cortez Shoes


Over the years, Cortez has undergone many design changes and is released in several materials such as leather and suede as well as original nylon. The key to the shoe’s comfort lies in the sole, the thick rubber sole is for durability and the raised heel helps reduce injuries such as Achilles tendon tension.

Nike Air Force Shoes 1

Bruce Kilgorec is the designer of the Nike Air Force 1 shoe, originally a sculptor. The Nike Air Force 1 debuted in 1983 and it was an instant hit all over the world, sold out on the first day of release. of the sports shoes field, but until now it is still mentioned as a legend and it is almost the first shoe of many young people who love shoes.


Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) is a revolutionary shoe in the sneaker world, it can be said that this is the first design incorporated with technology. AF1 is the first shoe to incorporate ‘air’ technology, an airbag is arranged inside the sole to absorb force when landing, reducing foot injury.

AF1 has 3 styles: low-mid-top (low, mid and high neck). With Mid-Top styles we easily see a strap with a buckle or stickers creating a secure shoe and can be changed depending on the version. This is also a specialization of this shoe compared to its contemporary designs.

Nike Air Jordan 1

Nike Air Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike sports shoes with the trade name “Jordan Brand” designed specifically for the famous basketball player Michael Jordan starting in 1985. One year earlier, Nike signed a contract. with Michael Jordan when MJ was just entering the world of the NBA professional basketball tournament. This is the biggest achievement Nike has made in terms of the image advertising deal with Michael Jordan.


Nike All White Air Max Zero Shoes

The airbag is actually an extremely alien concept to most of the United States around 1987, the original simulation design of the “Air” airbag looked very crude and had no design appeal.


Over time, the “Air” airbag has been streamlined, smaller and highly logical in order to optimize support for the sole. Nike Air Max 1 shoes have consumed a great deal of energy and mentality of the Nike family.

Nike Air Huarache shoes

Huarache originally meant strap-on sandals, which was quite popular around 1960. The huarache shoes with distinctive design origins follow the open design trend (can be styled or transformed at will) and honor the owner. minimalism minimizes detail as well as material in a Huarache pair.


With that said, Huarache inspired Nike to create the Nike Air Huarache shoe, and the first Huarache came out in 1991.

Besides the color, you should also pay attention to the style and size of the leather pair

Tell you about beautiful outfit items and women’s leather briefcase for seasonal changing days

Women’s leather bags are an indispensable accessory for them. But how to mix with outfits to match and stand out, not everyone knows. If this is also your problem, do not ignore the beautiful costume items and women’s leather briefcases for the changing seasons in the following article.

Black and white outfits are coordinated comfortably with female leather pairs

Black and white sets are never outdated and are easy to match with other accessories in women’s leather briefcases. On the days of the season, the set of black and white clothes mixed with bags will be very suitable. You can transform into a gentle, pure princess with pure white outfits mixed with black or white leather “toned ton” or transform into a successful, mysterious woman when wearing the whole black tree. with leather briefcase. Black and white outfits will look great on white, black or red female leather pairs.

In addition, these colored female leather pairs match outfits with striking colors. Just choose a leather bag with the right color for your outfit and a little trendy design, and you have the perfect set of accessories and accessories on this changing season.

Black and white outfits are easy to coordinate with female leather pairs
Black and white outfits are easy to coordinate with female leather pairs
Cold outfits are combined with soft colored female skin
Cold outfits are combined with soft colored female skin

Cool and cool outfits will be more suitable when paired with soft colored women’s skin such as beige, milky white, … Blue face set and beige women’s leather pair will be one An excellent choice that is both outstanding but refined and luxurious.

You can also pair your cool-colored outfits with bags of the same color scheme. For clothes with cold colors, in addition to focusing on outfit colors when combined, you also need to pay attention to the style and texture of the leather pair to make the set more attractive.

Besides the color, you should also pay attention to the style and size of the leather pair
Besides the color, you should also pay attention to the style and size of the leather pair

Pastel set with matching leather pairs

Gentle pastel set combined with the same skin tone will be the perfect choice to make her more feminine and gentle during the changing seasons. White, pastel and brown colors are never outdated when combined with female leather pairs to help you transform into a sweet, cute girl. Please save and always set this outfit to wear regularly.

Women’s leather pairs are easy to match with outfits, as long as you have some basic tips that you can freely wear around. To choose for yourself a trendy female leather pair with beautiful and latest designs, you can consult at Boutilizzia – high-class women’s leather fashion. Visit website: Https:// to know more attractive promotions.

Modern, compact design and bright, feminine colors

Bag the secret to show off femininity with quality leather pairs

Schoolgirls or office girls are often younger and more active when choosing leather. But how to make your leather briefcase more feminine? Along with Boutilizzia, discover the following secret to find a way to mix feminine flair with leather pairs.

Mix with tag, cute keychains, round cotton

The lovely keychains are no stranger to you, but did you know that in addition to the keychains, those lovely tags, flowers or animals can transform to make your skin look lively. , be more adorable and show off your femininity.

Mixing different types of tags and keychains also makes your bag more varied, diverse in style and it’s also more interesting to use new pairs, right?

Skin bags with bright colors, more lovely.
Skin bags with bright colors, more lovely.

Choose from bright, lovely, and feminine skin colors

The leather pair can completely be feminine and lovely without the need for extra accessories or anything else. The pretty and gentle pastel color tones are enough to make the girl more feminine and graceful.

From the color of the bag along with the velvet combination skin, the soft fur will create a gentle, gentle and give you feminine skin. If you love traditional leather, you can choose light-colored leather pairs such as light cowhide, thin smooth and less stripe when mixed with dresses or other feminine outfits, the briefcase will not harm you.

Modern, compact design and bright, feminine colors
Modern, compact design and bright, feminine colors

Colors should be bright colors but should not be too bright like red, too pink or too blue, which will create a feeling of “country” or like yellow, oranges that too stand out, not suitable for women. delicacy.

Please note that with normal leather briefcases, this lock, if you do not choose carefully and matches well, can denounce you as a strong personality girl or over-the-top bun girl. .

Stylized pair style, small size

Leather briefcases come in many sizes and styles, but to be more feminine, small, round pairs are the best item. This is a new pair with a fairly long strap and a compact case that looks much better.

The purpose of this briefcase is to go out to be able to hold lipstick, cell phone, squeeze, … different from the leather school bag to go to school or work so consider when you miss the bag models.

In short, we can see that the leather pair models are quite diverse and it is not too difficult to choose and transform the skin pair into feminine if you know how. If you are not confident in your abilities, visit here to help you choose the most suitable bag model!



When it comes to the word “YEEZY” to today’s young people, it is no stranger. People will immediately think of the famous Rapper “Kanye West”, why he has the idea of building such a cult sneaker brand. And the products he has just released are always warmly welcomed by his beloved fans. So this time, what’s special about the Adidas Yeezy 700 v3 version? Let’s take a look at the article below.

2021 has been a very special and meaningful year for the sneakerhead. Because this is considered the 5th anniversary of the release of the Yeezy shoe line – a combination of Mr. Big Adidas and the talented rapper Kanye West.

Also this year, a brand new model Yeezy just released, called the Yeezy 700 V3. Are you ready to learn about this sports shoe in the article below?


The Yeezy 700 V3 models have just been updated

Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 ‘Alvah’


Structure features & outstanding features

Yeezy V3 ‘Alvah’ first leaked the latest image in January. A lot of sharp photos were revealed, causing fans to ‘stand still’, because the design was so impressive and outstanding. in each line.

However, it was not until February 2020 that this sneaker model launched its fans with clear and detailed images from A – Z. Specifically:

The shoe body is made up of two main materials, including a mesh fabric base and an outer frame made from RPU material. Overall, it is like a skeleton protecting the fabric inside.


The texture in the fabric inside the shoe is the reflective lines that run along the upper. Both create a feeling of vitality and dynamism for the sneaker, while helping users to stand out at night, thanks to the glow in the dark, along with the 3M reflection detail on the toes.

In this Yeezy 700 V3 series, Mr. Big Adidas does not use Boost cushioning technology, but instead is replaced by monolithic EVA cushioning, possessing light gray tones, creating uniformity for the shoe body. The rubber midsole and rubber outsole complete the design.

With two main black & gray tones, Yeezy V3 ‘Alvah’ will meet the needs of many sneaker lovers. Because these two colors are easy to coordinate outfits, suitable for both men and women. Thanks to the ‘appearance’, it is so cool when traveling, going to meet friends, going to school, going to work,…. all very well.

Where to buy Adidas Yeezy 700 V3 shoes?

If you need to find and buy a version of Yeezy v3 700 in Vietnam, it is really very difficult. Some of the following cases can be mentioned:

  • The number of versions Yeezy is usually produced is limited (dripping) but sold worldwide, so it is very sour in our country to earn a pair.
  • The Adidas Store usually does not sell Yeezy models, even 350, 500 or 700. The reason why boutilizzia is not clear anymore. Only other sub-brands like Ultraboost, Alphabounce, Prophere (a few), Pure Boost, …
  • Every year, there are also events to sell Yz models in big centers like Pitexco, … which are also limited to 200-300 pairs. Usually you have to go to the place to enter your name and wait in line for a few days to have the chance to own that pair. (Listen to wait there in the morning and night so drowsy you guys)
  • You can also buy online at major websites like Stockx, Amazon, … because almost the latest models on the market are available. However, you also face many risks such as defective goods, waiting for a long time, having the wrong size (it will be very inconvenient to return the product).”

6 tips for making the bag through the ham

Keep the bag you have in place, always fresh and interesting. Boutilizzia has 6 suggestions for you to choose and experiment with the most appropriate. Women’s bags are a basic accessory that women cannot lack. It helps you carry everyday essentials with you everywhere. Make the outfit more perfect and show individuality and taste. Front thousands of beautiful handbag designs. Rarely does a lady own a single bag. But one more reason to consider is that no matter how much you like a newly bought bag. Then it is also easy to become boring after a long period of use.

Holding bags as clutch

If you have not chosen a clutch like that. Try to bring the bag you currently have as a clutch by. Roll the bag handle to your wrist or hide it in the pocket. Suitable for luxury parties. Small, sturdy box-style bags are best suited to do it this way.

Holding bags as clutch
Holding bags as clutch

Use additional makeup accessories for bags

A simple bag can be much more beautiful and impressive. If you are fitted with lovely accessories such as tassels, feathers, soft cotton. If you are more skillful with your hands, try attaching gold beads and studs. Or attach a sticker of random letters and numbers to create your own slogan.

Use additional makeup accessories for bags
Use additional makeup accessories for bags

Make up with silk scarf

No need to spend money on new bags, all you need is a silk scarf. To make my handbag look more feminine and more expensive. There are many ways to use towels to decorate the bag. You can either tie the ribbon on one side of the bag or wrap the strap on the bag… This way, you can take advantage of the often neglected towels when summer comes and change it whenever you like.

Make up with silk scarf
Make up with silk scarf

Use the shoulder bag as a cross / carry bag

With shoulder bag models with flexible adjustable straps. Try wearing them as a cross bag. To join the trend of wearing short cross-belt bags is very popular with women in the world. Because of the strange and youthful beauty.

Use the shoulder bag as a cross / carry bag
Use the shoulder bag as a cross / carry bag

Change the bag handle

Due to high friction and weight bearing from the bag. So the handle of the handbag is usually the most easily damaged, frayed part. Make your bag always look perfect and look new. Try changing the handles of the same color or custom pattern. A plain colored bag will no longer be boring when it is replaced with prominent color straps, floral motifs, brocade …

Change the bag handle
Change the bag handle

Color the bag again

Every handbag looks old when it fades. Lose the inherent luxury. When this happens, you can re-dye the bag to regain its original color. At the same time, cleverly conceal the stains, discoloration. This service is usually offered at leather shoe repair shops. Refresh your leather jacket and get the best results with light colored bags.

Color the bag again
Color the bag again




It can be said that the black adidas Alphabounce is one of the new bright spots for running shoes, with distinctive designs to support all difficult movements and smooth BOUNCE buffers for high intensity training. . So, before choosing to buy, you need to specify the purpose of use. Because this not only helps you choose the best shoes, but it also helps you choose the most comfortable shoes to move.

Adidas sports shoes are one of the indispensable companions of men, expressing their own personality and style. But not all boys are consciously choosing for themselves a suitable and suitable shoe.

Maybe you know how to choose men’s sneakers for men to add personality, but not necessarily you already know how to choose the most suitable shoes. Tulo sneakers will introduce a line of sporty shoes: Adidas Alphabounce the above problem will not be difficult for you anymore!


Choose shoes according to your preference

Sports shoes with striking colors and easy to attract people are the perfect choice for guys with strong personalities. On the contrary, if you are a guy who likes simplicity, choose for yourself the WHITE MEN, WOMEN, or ADIDAS ALPHABOUNCE BEYOND WHITE shoes or ADIDAS ALPHABOUNCE BEYOND. They are specialized running designs from adidas sneakers. The product has a modern design with neat lines along with a unique texture on the upper surface (from the characteristic material of the shoe). Despite the Performance product line, the beauty of Alphabounce deserves a place in the everyday wardrobe.

These shoes are easy to mix with other outfits and accessories for outings, walks, and practice sessions.


Choose shoes that are right for the purpose

In choosing men’s sneakers, the first thing you need to consider is its intended use. Each type is relevant to a particular subject and best supports that practice.

ADIDAS ALPHABOUNCE INSTINCT FULL BLACK, ADIDAS ALPHABOUNCE BEYOND MEN or ADIDAS ALPHABOUNCE WHITE BLACK INSTINCT will be your choice, the line of running shoes, multi-purpose training shoes, trail running shoes … each pair has its own unique design. . It can be said that the black adidas Alphabounce is one of the new bright spots for running shoes, with distinctive designs to support all difficult movements and smooth BOUNCE buffers for high intensity training. . So, before choosing to buy, you need to specify the purpose of use. Because this not only helps you choose the best shoes, but it also helps you choose the most comfortable shoes to move.

Choose shoes with the right size

Unlike other normal shoes. Instead of choosing shoes with the right size for the feet, when buying sneakers you should choose pairs with a slightly larger size. To make sure your feet are comfortable, try the same socks you use often when trying them on.

Note to buy the right size shoes you should buy at the end of the day. Because then your feet will be the biggest, make sure not to be tight and tight after buying. So you should refer to how to measure the best men’s shoes when buying. The above men’s sneakers will help you choose the best shoes without spending too much time.

Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful experiences in choosing which Adidas Alphabounce models are suitable for men? Makes the men more masculine and strong in the eyes of the opposite person. Also being able to exercise, run … nothing is so wonderful, right? Or go to Tulo sneakers today to get a pair of Adidas Alphabounce for only VND 850,000