Bag the secret to show off femininity with quality leather pairs

Jan 24, 2021 News
Modern, compact design and bright, feminine colors

Schoolgirls or office girls are often younger and more active when choosing leather. But how to make your leather briefcase more feminine? Along with Boutilizzia, discover the following secret to find a way to mix feminine flair with leather pairs.

Mix with tag, cute keychains, round cotton

The lovely keychains are no stranger to you, but did you know that in addition to the keychains, those lovely tags, flowers or animals can transform to make your skin look lively. , be more adorable and show off your femininity.

Mixing different types of tags and keychains also makes your bag more varied, diverse in style and it’s also more interesting to use new pairs, right?

Skin bags with bright colors, more lovely.
Skin bags with bright colors, more lovely.

Choose from bright, lovely, and feminine skin colors

The leather pair can completely be feminine and lovely without the need for extra accessories or anything else. The pretty and gentle pastel color tones are enough to make the girl more feminine and graceful.

From the color of the bag along with the velvet combination skin, the soft fur will create a gentle, gentle and give you feminine skin. If you love traditional leather, you can choose light-colored leather pairs such as light cowhide, thin smooth and less stripe when mixed with dresses or other feminine outfits, the briefcase will not harm you.

Modern, compact design and bright, feminine colors
Modern, compact design and bright, feminine colors

Colors should be bright colors but should not be too bright like red, too pink or too blue, which will create a feeling of “country” or like yellow, oranges that too stand out, not suitable for women. delicacy.

Please note that with normal leather briefcases, this lock, if you do not choose carefully and matches well, can denounce you as a strong personality girl or over-the-top bun girl. .

Stylized pair style, small size

Leather briefcases come in many sizes and styles, but to be more feminine, small, round pairs are the best item. This is a new pair with a fairly long strap and a compact case that looks much better.

The purpose of this briefcase is to go out to be able to hold lipstick, cell phone, squeeze, … different from the leather school bag to go to school or work so consider when you miss the bag models.

In short, we can see that the leather pair models are quite diverse and it is not too difficult to choose and transform the skin pair into feminine if you know how. If you are not confident in your abilities, visit here to help you choose the most suitable bag model!