Excellent way to preserve silver jewelry

Jan 28, 2021 News
Delicate white gold

Many people have the same question when holding a small, shiny and shiny silver jewelry. How to preserve the original beauty of jewelry for a long time?

1. Remove as needed

Although you love your wedding ring and want to see it on your finger all the time, you need to know how to remove it when needed. The same goes for silver rings, silver necklaces, silver pendants, silver bracelets, and other silver jewelry. This rule sounds simple, but it is often forgotten the most.

When you are playing sports, doing housework, or doing something heavy that can hit your jewelry during activities, you should remove them and keep them in a safe place. Or when swimming, you should not wear silver jewelry because the chlorine in pool water or salt in the sea water will damage them. Even when taking a shower, washing clothes with the chemicals you use will make your jewelry dull. So it’s best to take them off. Jewelry is like a child, and needs to be protected and protected by us.

2. Keep jewelry away from chemicals

Except for diamonds or gemstones, all jewelry made from gold, silver, platine, white silver or pearl should not be exposed to any chemicals. Chemicals that can destroy your jewelry are always nice.

3. Clean regularly

A piece of jewelry won’t be as shiny and sparkling as when it first bought it if you didn’t clean it up often. During the wearing process, dirt from the environment, stains get caught in jewelry when eating, makeup … or dead cells from us will cling to and make them become dull. Therefore, you should perform jewelry hygiene regularly, about 2, 3 times a week.

For silver jewelry, this is a type of jewelry that is often tarnished because silver has sweat absorbing properties. To remove the dull layer on the surface, use the soda solution, soak the jewelry in the solution for about 1 minute, then rinse with water and blot dry.

A simpler way to clean silver is to apply toothpaste and then brush off with a soft brush in the water until shiny like new. In addition, you can use diluted dish soap soak silver jewelry for about 15 minutes then rinse with water and pat dry gently with a soft cotton cloth. Absolutely not washing silver jewelry with acid will damage them.

4. Store it carefully

When not wearing certain jewelry, you should store them carefully. It is best to put in their original box with a soft sponge, to avoid being crushed leading to distortion, fracture or break. And of course, before you put it away, you need to clean it up.