Sneaker models that make up the brand

Jan 25, 2021 News

About Nike brand shoes.

Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, Nike was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports and was a distributor for a Japanese shoe company Onitsuka Tiger (today Asics).

Over the past 5 decades, Nike is currently a giant in the field of sports, not only in shoes but also creating a great reputation for other fashion items such as sports pants, shirts, caps. , jacket, … However the most famous Nike that people talk about is still Nike shoes.

In 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports officially changed its name to Nike. The Nike name is derived from the Greek goddess of victory, an idea invented by Nike employee Jeff Johnson.

Referring to Nike is to mention the legend of the sports industry with hundreds of exclusive contracts with the best names such as: the king of basketball Michael Jordan created the famous Nike Air Jordan line, visual artist Tom Sachs , NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, talented rapper Drake, …

Top 7 genuine Nike shoes that make a legend

Nike Cortez Shoes


Over the years, Cortez has undergone many design changes and is released in several materials such as leather and suede as well as original nylon. The key to the shoe’s comfort lies in the sole, the thick rubber sole is for durability and the raised heel helps reduce injuries such as Achilles tendon tension.

Nike Air Force Shoes 1

Bruce Kilgorec is the designer of the Nike Air Force 1 shoe, originally a sculptor. The Nike Air Force 1 debuted in 1983 and it was an instant hit all over the world, sold out on the first day of release. of the sports shoes field, but until now it is still mentioned as a legend and it is almost the first shoe of many young people who love shoes.


Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) is a revolutionary shoe in the sneaker world, it can be said that this is the first design incorporated with technology. AF1 is the first shoe to incorporate ‘air’ technology, an airbag is arranged inside the sole to absorb force when landing, reducing foot injury.

AF1 has 3 styles: low-mid-top (low, mid and high neck). With Mid-Top styles we easily see a strap with a buckle or stickers creating a secure shoe and can be changed depending on the version. This is also a specialization of this shoe compared to its contemporary designs.

Nike Air Jordan 1

Nike Air Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike sports shoes with the trade name “Jordan Brand” designed specifically for the famous basketball player Michael Jordan starting in 1985. One year earlier, Nike signed a contract. with Michael Jordan when MJ was just entering the world of the NBA professional basketball tournament. This is the biggest achievement Nike has made in terms of the image advertising deal with Michael Jordan.


Nike All White Air Max Zero Shoes

The airbag is actually an extremely alien concept to most of the United States around 1987, the original simulation design of the “Air” airbag looked very crude and had no design appeal.


Over time, the “Air” airbag has been streamlined, smaller and highly logical in order to optimize support for the sole. Nike Air Max 1 shoes have consumed a great deal of energy and mentality of the Nike family.

Nike Air Huarache shoes

Huarache originally meant strap-on sandals, which was quite popular around 1960. The huarache shoes with distinctive design origins follow the open design trend (can be styled or transformed at will) and honor the owner. minimalism minimizes detail as well as material in a Huarache pair.


With that said, Huarache inspired Nike to create the Nike Air Huarache shoe, and the first Huarache came out in 1991.